plasric parts

plasric parts


Analysis and solution of injection process problems

plasric parts
plastic parts
Description and cause analysis of shrinkage hole, shrinkage, incomplete die, raw edge, weld mark, silver wire, jet mark, scorch, warping deformation, cracking/cracking, size out of tolerance and other common injection molding problems, as well as solutions in mold design, molding process control, product design and plastic materials.

● Injection parts around the lack of glue, not full mold analysis and solutions

● Batch front (raw edge) reason analysis and solution

● Injection parts surface shrinkage, shrinkage hole (vacuum bubble) cause analysis and solutions

● Silver pattern (material flower, splash), scorch, gas pattern reason analysis solution

● Injection parts surface water ripple, flow marks (flow marks) cause analysis and solutions

Cause analysis and solution of warping deformation and internal stress cracking of injection parts

● Reason analysis and solution of size deviation of injection parts

● Injection molding parts stick mold, drag (strain), drag white reason analysis and solution

● Injection molding parts lack of transparency, lack of strength (brittle break) cause analysis and solutions

● Reason analysis and solution of cold material spot and peeling (stratification) on the surface of injection parts

● Plastic injection parts metal insert bad reason analysis and solution

● Cause analysis and improvement measures of nozzle drooling (runny nose), glue leakage, nozzle drawing, nozzle blockage and mold opening difficulties

Use CAE mold flow analysis technology to solve injection molding problems quickly and effectively

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